The best global distribution company in Korea - Wellgreen co., Ltd./ Wellgreenradler co., Ltd.

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Manufacture part

We are producing more than 20 goods in our own brand “SWEETCAFE” including lemon-green tea and peach-green tea beverage which are No.1 products in the market.
Also we are always trying to make better producte for customers.

Distribution part

Based on long-term know-how in this field, we have distributed about 50 kinds of items like beverage, coffee and quasi-drugs to major retail channels in the korea market such as GS25, 7-11, MINISTOP, OLIVEYOUNG etc.
We will be professional no.1 company in this field with advanced retail process and valuable items for customers’ sensibility, health and convenience.

Logistic part

Sharing value and benefit with customers, we provide best logistic service to customers with our advanced facility and systems in the field of third part logistic, wholesales logistic and consignment logistics for big sales channels.
Wellgreen has not only nationwide network system but state of art D.P.S system. It makes our business more efficient and cost-down.

Global distribution part

We introduce unique and special items from all over the world to Korea market. It brings not only products but also culture.
We have already introduced global-unique imported beer, snack and beverage in the domestic market. We are getting bigger like globalization company.
We dream that people are happy and enjoy with our products, and We will stand on the first global leading company in the future.

Perfect Hygiene management with under QC teams control.

Product Planning

* Analysis market trend and consumer’s behaviors
* Planning brand concept and developing product based on its concept
* Developing ade and coffee beverage
* Managing our own brand “ SWEETCAFE”


* Produce in own factory and partnership company.
* Main produced items : Pet and pouch beverage
(1st Floor, 148-22, Bongdu-ro, Geumgu-myeon, Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do)
* OEM (Partner factory) : MSC, CONF, WELLBING LAND

Product Sales

* Main sales channels : GS25, SEVENELEVEN, MINI STOP
* GS Supermarket, Olive young, drugstore, school cafeteria, etc.

Product Development part

* Developing new brand, packaging and product with Merchandising Director who is in main sales channels.
* Tasting new product in partner Food Lab
* Developong new product concept and packaging.